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The Best Anime To Watch For High School Age Like Horimiya Anime

Sports anime may not be the most thrilling genre in the medium, but there are many fantastic shows that completely engross the spectator with a compelling narrative and action-packed games. The high-stakes action of shonen is applied to every sport possible in sports anime, as opposed to using cool power systems or magical weapons.

1. Slam Dunk Anime
The 1990s sports anime Slam Dunk has received high praise from critics. Hanamichi Sakuragi, the star of Slam Dunk, joins his school’s basketball team in order to meet the captain’s sister Haruko Akagi. Hanamichi joined the club initially just to meet a lady, but he soon fell in love with the game and wanted to take it seriously.

Slam Dunk has an excellent sense of comedy and believable character development. The way Hanamichi changes during the series is plausible and, for some viewers, even relatable. Hanamichi didn’t come with any innate athletic propensities, unlike previous protagonists. Hanamichi’s path to becoming a competent player was challenging, and he still has a ways to go before he can even think about turning pro.

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2. Haikyuu! Anime
The sports anime juggernaut is Haikyuu! Even those who haven’t seen the show have heard about it. The tale is driven by the charming protagonist of the series, Shoyo Hinata, and the other characters. Haikyuu! will engross viewers in volleyball even if they have no particular passion for the game.

Although Shoyo and the other Karasuno members are the main focus of Haikyuu, it is difficult to detect many of the opposing teams since they are endearing. Fans support all teams during games because they adore characters from almost every single one of them.

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3. Sk8 The Infinity Anime
One of the most well-liked anime series to be launched in the winter of 2021 was Sk8 The Infinity. Fans of this cheery series fell in love with practically every character in just 12 episodes. Skateboarding is the subject of this anime, which focuses on camaraderie and having fun.

Reki Kyan is enthusiastic about all facets of skateboarding, including the skating itself, as well as fixing and creating boards. After losing his dad, Langa Hasegawa recently returned from Canada. Before meeting Reki, who taught him the ins and outs of skating, he had lost all enthusiasm for life and had grown listless. He had no idea that because he had previously been a snowboarder, Langa had a definite learning curve for skating. They compete in “S,” a clandestine skateboarding competition, together.

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4. Blue Lock Anime
The recent Blue Lock anime adaptations demonstrate that the buzz surrounding the manga was well-founded. Critically acclaimed and one of the top-selling mangas of 2021, Blue Lock is known for its original premise. The football-themed novel Blue Lock has a grim, dystopian edge.

The titular Blue Lock was started by Jinpachi. The goal is to identify the best striker in Japan—someone with an ego who isn’t scared to steal the show on the pitch. Many players are called to the location and made to compete with one another. The national team will only accept one. At the national tournament, Isagi cost his side a vital victory. He sees Blue Lock as a chance to atone for his mistakes and improve as a player.

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5. Ace Of Diamond Anime
Japan’s most popular sport is baseball. Fortunately, Ace of Diamond does not let you down. According to the characters of the series, even baseball fans who usually find the sport boring will find it interesting. It has 126 episodes and 5 OVAS, making it much longer than the majority of other sports anime.

The excellent animation of Ace of Diamond is reminiscent of shonen anime. When they are enraged, the characters occasionally develop red and blue monster eyes. Several fans remark that the sound effects are the best and that the sound of the bat striking the ball gives them chills.

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