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Horimiya Merch is the official merchandise for anime fans. We are #1 Horimiya Trang phục & Sưu tầm. 


Các Horimiya Sang trọng is an adorable 12cm stuffed toy featuring Toru Ishikawa, a beloved character from the popular anime and manga series “Horimiya.” This cute plush captures the essence of Toru Ishikawa, making it a must-have collectible for fans of the series or anyone who appreciates cute and charming anime merchandise.

  • Horimiya Plush: Adorable 12cm stuffed toy.
  • Features Toru Ishikawa from the anime “Horimiya.”
  • Soft and high-quality materials.
  • Ideal for collectors and fans.
  • Perfect gift for anime enthusiasts.

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Pick your favorite characters and start browsing thousands of products. 

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Biểu ngữ web hàng hóa Horimiya 1 - Cửa hàng hàng hóa Horimiya
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Biểu ngữ web hàng hóa Horimiya 1 - Cửa hàng hàng hóa Horimiya
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Welcome to Official Horimiya Merchandise Store

Right here’s a warm welcome to all of the fans, who’re dying to show their affection for Horimiya.This trend has been identified for its uniqueness and has been the source of inspiration for many individuals, together with well-known singers like Billie eilish for a very long time. Right here at our Official Merch Store, we provide the widest variety of impressive gadgets, from Equipment, Determine, Backpack to Clothes line together with: Shirts, Hoodies, Sneakers, Christmas Sweater, Face Masks… Whereas in most locations it’s tough to discover the proper Merchandise and the equipment to go along with it, we provide all of it!

Bạn cũng có thể sáng tạo như bạn muốn với tất cả hàng hóa trong phân loại của chúng tôi vì bạn sẽ khám phá mọi điều nhỏ nhặt ngay tại đây.

Why select Horimiya Shirts or Hoodies?

The sequence is in style everywhere in the world in a few years and supported by many creators for its type, characters’ poses and dialogue, musical references and extra. Individuals are searching for impressive merchandise in every single place,particularly shirts and hoodies. 

In Japan, many well-known trend models adopted kinds and created their personal garments assortment. Right here, we simply tried to carry it to individuals world wide.

An Official Horimiya Merch Store – Our Assortment

Our Official Merch retailer is the proper place for you to purchase Horimiya Merchandise in quite a lot of sizes and kinds. You’ll be able to both get a t-shirt, a hoodie, a jacket or a helmet, stickers, and many others, something you possibly can take into consideration which could be combined with our anime/manga sequence. 

Discover your favorite product right here in our Merch Store, we ship worldwide quick and free, so you possibly can order something you see on the Store irrespective of the place you’re. You should purchase it safely as a result of its high precedence, our cost strategies are trusted by essentially the most respected sources. Which embrace: Paypal, Credit score/Debit Playing cards (together with however not restricted to Visa, Mastercard, American Specific)

Did you have a problem with supply? Is your product late or broken? Do you have any points with the cost? In any of those instances, please contact us at our electronic mail

The Mission of the Official Horimiya Merch Store!

At the Official Merch Store, every little thing we promise revolves round our mission of accommodating an enormous variety of lovers that may not often discover a place that promotes a large range of merchandise and all licensed. We wish to respect the artwork who made that masterpiece for us.

Our mission is to make it as handy as potential for such followers and communities that they don’t have to work for it as much as they used to. We promise that prospects’ satisfaction all the time comes first, to deal with our prospects with the utmost respect and supply them with the very best high quality service that they deserve.

Our entire web site is designed to interact with the shopper and to make their procuring expertise as comfy as potential to allow them to all the time discover what they’re searching for. Our buyer help is all the time at your disposal to assist the followers with any queries which may come up.

Lô Horimiya

The manga has now been adapted into an anime, and fans of the high school romantic comedy genre are sure to enjoy the series’ lovely cast of characters.

The Hori-San to Miyamura-Kun manga, written by HERO and artist Daisuke Hagiwara, creates a high-level romance comedy series. Although the manga has been out for a long time, the anime adaptation of the series will not be available until January this year.

This series revolves around a group of friends at a high school. The two main characters are Miyamura Izumi and Kyoko Hori, who at first thought the two had nothing in common. Miyamura is a guy with long, quiet hair, glasses, and a cold face. On the contrary, Hori is an extrovert, famous and surrounded by friends. The two characters suddenly bump into each other and plant the seeds of an unexpected friendship and gradually progress to a relationship.

Besides, there are equally interesting characters. Toru Ishikawa – quite a straightforward guy. Yuki Yoshikawa – Hori’s longtime friend. Student Council President Kakeru Sengoku was somewhat stiff at first but since joining the guild he has become more comfortable. Sakura Kono – quiet and humble, but gradually reveals her true self when getting closer.

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